2050: Creating Cities of the Future
Tech & Innovation 2.55 – 3.40pm  |  Main Stage

2050: Creating Cities of the Future

with Nikki Greenberg

How should we live in the future?

As the pulse of technology quickens, its influence on our urban landscapes and daily interactions grows ever more profound. Today’s cities are becoming canvases for innovation, where technological advancements are redefining the essence of how we live, work, and connect.

In this entertaining yet educational keynote, world leading futurist Nikki Greenberg will unfurl the blueprint for cities of the future. With a blend of wit and wisdom, she will navigate through the intricate dance of generational change and the breakthroughs in robotics, AI, and other transformative technologies.

Nikki’s focus will be on how to weave these advancements into the fabric of urban life, ensuring that the cities we shape today are not only technologically advanced but also warmly human, inclusive, and capable of enriching the lives of the generations that will inherit them; where the future is a place we all look forward to.


Key takeaways

How the integration of technology with a human touch forms the basis of successful urban planning

Shaping our cities to stand the test of time and technology

How to thrive in our future cities

Creating spaces where technology serves the community

Who should attend

Property industry professionals

Those curious about how new technology will change the way we live

Anyone with an interest in shaping the future of our cities

People who want to play a role in creating thriving and livable cities