Nikki Greenberg
Tech & Innovation

Nikki Greenberg

World leading futurist, preparing organisations for a tech-enabled future

Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist focussed on preparing organisations for a tech-enabled future.

She helps leaders reimagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today, and has held leadership positions with Fortune 500’s, and most recently served as the Head of Technology Strategy at QIC, an Australian investment manager with a $70 billion portfolio of assets under management.

Nikki is the founder and global ambassador of Women in PropTech and former three-term co-chair of the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City.

Holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, her approach brings a balance between pushing possibilities, and practicality.

A highly regarded thought-leader and commentator in the press, Nikki is also the recipient of numerous international awards.

At Ready24, Nikki will unfurl the blueprint for cities of the future.

With a blend of wit and wisdom, she will navigate through the intricate dance of generational change and the breakthroughs in robotics, AI, and other transformative technologies.

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