Ryan Shelton
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Ryan Shelton

Comedy writer, performer, producer, and co-host of The Imperfects podcast

Ryan Shelton is a comedy writer, performer and producer.

After a chance meeting with co-founder of The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg, the two became friends and in 2019 launched a podcast called The Imperfects, providing tools to help listeners embrace vulnerability and accept their imperfections. The Imperfects consistently sits in the Top 10 Mental Health podcasts in Australia.

In 2020 Ryan launched a unique and somewhat daunting creative project, challenging himself to make and release a new piece of work on the 11th of every month via his website ryyyyyyyyyyyan.com. (that’s Ryan with 11 y’s).

By the project’s completion in 2021, Ryan had successfully written and performed in 22 things with a variety of friends and collaborators including Dave Lawson, Hamish Blake, Stephen Curry, Sarah Snook and many more, prompting Tony Martin to tweet, “ryyyyyyyyyyyan is my favourite streaming service right now.”

2023 has seen Ryan tour Australia to sold out audiences, alongside Hugh van Cuylenburg and Josh van Cuylenburg with the stage show version of their successful podcast, The Imperfects.

At Ready24 Ryan will pair up with Imperfects podcast regular, clinical psychologist Dr Emily Musgrove, to talk Positive Psychology and the never-ending search for that elusive thing we call “happiness”.

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