Creating Our Future on Purpose, Not by Accident
Tech & Innovation 12.45 - 1.30pm  |  Main Stage

Creating Our Future on Purpose, Not by Accident

with Dom Price

We’ve waxed lyrical about the future so much, we’ve all become paralysed.

But instead of getting distracted by the future of work, and imagining the world of tomorrow, why not roll up our sleeves and confront modern work right now?

Work Futurist Dom Price proposes we form a do-ocracy movement around modern work, finding things today that build a better future, as individuals, teams, businesses and communities.

He’s not saying kill your dreams…just make them more realistic by taking ownership and action of the steps today to create that better future.

We’re not going to look back and say “AI, crypto and 5G really saved us as a society”, so let’s get on with creating our future on purpose, and not by accident.

We all have an important role to play.

This session will be an activation, provocation, and commencement of a movement. No BS thought leadership. Let’s get s#it done.


Key takeaways

The art of realism; how to dream, while keeping it real and getting things done

Keep moving; how being a driver, not an observer, leads to maximum impact

Insights around the reality of what businesses are struggling with TODAY, and how you can start to remedy them (no waiting around for technology to save us)

Research backed activities to help you and your teams be more effective

Understanding your role as a leader in modern work and how you can set yourself up to thrive, not just survive

Who should attend


Aspiring leaders

Those looking to take action and change the way we work for the better

Teams and businesses looking for ways to stay relevant and adaptable

Those ready to roll up their sleeves and have impact