Building New Homes Buyers Want
Power Up 1.50 – 2.05pm  |  Loungeroom 3

Building New Homes Buyers Want

with Fiona Wong

Want to build top-selling homes that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for? 

Fiona Wong, Market Research & Insights Manager at REA Group, uncovers insights from the latest New Homes Buyers research, where we asked thousands of new house & land and new apartment buyers about how they are feeling, what they are looking for, and what drives them to pay premium prices.

We’ll break down the three critical S’s for new house and land, and new apartment buyers, so you can get building new homes that buyers want.

Key takeaways

Discover how motivations to buy property are changing

The three critical ‘S’s that dictate new home buyer choice

Who should attend



Project Marketers

Media Agencies