Building a Winning Team: High Performance in Sport & Business
Peak Performance 12.45 - 1.30pm  |  Stage 3

Building a Winning Team: High Performance in Sport & Business

with Gilbert Enoka & Carolyn Mitchell

High performance: it’s become a bit of a corporate buzz word these days, but at its core, when a team comes together with every piece of the puzzle connected; this is where the magic happens.

We see it on the field watching the likes of the All Blacks, just as we see it play out behind closed doors in Australia’s top businesses.

Join Culture and Leadership Specialist, Carolyn Mitchell, and Mental Skills Coach with New Zealand’s corporate and sporting elite, Gilbert Enoka, as they discuss what it takes to build sustainable high performing teams.

Key takeaways

Learn how to foster clear goals, open communication, and unwavering trust

Break down the silos and unleash the power of collaborative innovation

Turn feedback into fuel for continuous growth and improvement

Walk away with actionable strategies you can implement right away

Reflect on your own experience and the role you play in your team’s success

Who should attend

Leaders and aspiring leaders

Anyone who works as part of a team

Those looking to take their business to the next level

Those who want to create a winning team