Beyond Tennis: The Power of Resilience and Creating Change for Good
Keynote 10 – 11am  |  Main Stage

Beyond Tennis: The Power of Resilience and Creating Change for Good

with Andre Agassi
Interviewed by
Abbey Holmes

Tennis legend Andre Agassi didn’t just win big, he redefined what it means to win.

His story is an inspiring testament to the power of resilience forged in the fires of self-doubt, pressure, and ultimately – triumph.

In this intimate Q&A with Abbey Holmes, Agassi will share the mental alchemy that turned his losses into springboards for success, and why embracing vulnerability became his secret weapon.

His story is one of overcoming obstacles, both on and off the court, and of turning personal battles into large-scale philanthropic efforts that have transformed lives and helped re-write the narrative on education for more than 100,000 children through the Agassi Foundation.

Agassi will leave you inspired, floored, and ready to unleash your full potential and make a difference.



Key takeaways

The secrets to building a winning mindset

Navigating setbacks and perseverance

Seizing unexpected opportunities

Resilience under pressure

Thinking beyond yourself to create far-reaching change

Who should attend

Leaders and aspiring leaders

Those who want to build their mental muscle in resilience

People who want to take their setbacks and turn them into fuel for success

Those wanting to develop an adaptable mindset to thrive in uncertain environments

People who want to create a legacy and real and far-reaching change